Our services:

- Company and commercial agencies in China
- Representatives in Guangdong District (GD) and Hong Kong
- Experts in the field of production, customs, sales, purchasing, controlling
- Audit, DIN 4.0, ISO, CE, VDE, GPS, SGS, RoHS

- Quality assurance, Quality management, QS, QM, R&D
- Temporary managing director, time management of your company

- Planning and setting up dental clinics

- Training of (head) Nurses, Consultants, Management staff in clinics, Assistant dentists, dentists, Dental Hygieniker, Reception, and Sales staff. Pre Master / Master Degree in Gold

Homepage: www.universityhongkong.com



You can expect that:

- Reliability and professionalism
- Confidentiality
- Experience for over 10 years on site in China, Asia and HK
- Direct network with over 500 companies in China and Asia
- Best connections to the government and government agencies